Not Only Are These 19 GIFs Informative, They’re Hypnotizing. I Can’t Look Away.

Last week, we reclaimed the animated GIF for art. This week, we’re reclaiming it in the name of science. Here is an amazing collection of 19 GIFs that are both mesmerizing and informative. Just wait until you get to #11. It blew my mind. 

You won’t be able to look away.

1.) How crayons are wrapped at the factory.

2.) Separating our pretzel dough.

3.) Getting a camouflage pattern.

4.) Making glass bottles.

5.) Creating links in a chain.

6.) Slow motion sewing machine.

7.) Bubble freezing in the winter.

8.) Heavy rain on the ocean.

9.) The inner workings of a trumpet.

10.) Bubble bursting on a cactus.

11.) Light bulb meets mouse trap.

12.) Bread dough rising.

13.) Constant tornado.

14.) How latte art is made.

15.) How the Big Bird suit works.

16.) Flights all over the world in a day.

17.) Making chicken wire.

18.) Igniting a match.

19.) Crushing a baseball.

(Via: 22 Words)

Consider yourself more informed. I don’t know why, but I loved seeing the light bulb being crushed by the mouse trap. It feels like it would fit well in a modern museum of some sort.

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