Most People Think Cheerleaders Are Perfect People. Wait Until You See This.

We learn in high school that cheerleaders are delicate and graceful creatures. This idea seems to last a lifetime for most people… until you see this list of 25 hilarious cheerleader fails and awkward faces. #12 will have you laughing out loud.  

1.) One last look at the camera before you fall.

2) I don’t think this stunt ended well.

3.) That cameraman actually looks more terrified than the cheerleaders.

4.) That’s a painful back flip. 

5.) Lifting fail.

6.) Umm… what?

7.) She at least looks very enthusiastic.

8.) That’s the look of extreme concentration.

9.) They are suspiciously excited.

10.) Don’t be over confident. 

11.) Cheerleading and hockey is just a bad idea. 

The next one will make you cringe. OUCH… check the Next Page.

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