Meet Priscilla And Poppleton: The Mini-Pigs With Mega-Style. I’m In Love.

Though Priscilla and Poppleton may be mini, this brother and sister duo has a mighty level of adorable when they’re put in front of the camera.

Decked out in their adorable little outfits, the pair takes advantage of living in sunny Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida with their owner who brings them on the fun field trips. But the colorful clothes, playful props and beautiful backgrounds only serve as second fiddle to the piggies natural cuteness. Take a look!

I scream, you scream, adorable mini-pigs scream for..

I bet they’re as excited as we are about Pumpkin Spice coming back.

The most dangerous of ocean beasts: sharkpig!

Just look at that smile.

So snuggly!

Back to school!

Too pretty to float away.

Someone is a smarty pants.

Patriotic piggies.

Pop is such a ham.

(via My Modern Met.)

You can follow the precocious porkers on Instagram and Facebook to see even more of their delightful antics.

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