This Kitten’s Epic Journey To Recovery Will Melt Your Heart.

It was midnight when a Reddit user got a call from her manager. Usually, something like that would send a person into a rage, but this time was different. Her manager had discovered a small, very young kitten in need of help and thought she’d be interested in taking him in. 

She was eager to help the little fuzzball, but she had no idea just how much help he needed… until she saw him.

He wouldn’t drink any of the milk formula and could barely breathe.

She cleaned him up as best she could while she stayed up with him all night waiting to be able to take him to the vet.

He snuggled up in her lap as they waited to see the vet.

He was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection and feline immunodeficiency virus, the latter making it impossible for the shelter to take him in. However, they offered to wave the medical expenses for his treatment if she would be willing to take him in, which she gladly did.

The tiny guy was only three weeks old. She named him Omar.

She made him this bed with a heating pad, but he preferred sleeping on her chest.

She used a unity scarf to carry him around with her. He would cry and become anxious when she was too far away.

After four weeks, his eyes were finally healed enough to open.

He became much more playful with his newfound vision.

But still preferred to be near his rescuer.

Getting bigger!

Exploring his space more.

Eight weeks in, on a throne of bubble wrap.

After three months, causing trouble by killing plants, but he’s too cute to care.

The plant’s pot was donated to him after he crushed it!

Fully recovered after five months, his proud owner says “he thinks he’s people” as he sits up at the kitchen counter.

(via Reddit.)

It was a long recovery, but now she can’t imagine her life without the handsome little guy. When people go out of their way to rescue a helpless animal, it truly touches my heart…

(I may have used one or two tissues during this.)

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