It’s Not Pretty, But This Is What Real, Everlasting Love Looks Like.

Volunteer archaeologists in Northern England made a startling romantic discovery this week at the site of a “lost chapel” in Leicestershire. They unearthed a couple holding hands who were buried over 700 years ago.

Volunteers excavated at the former site of The Chapel of St. Morrell for the last four years. They discovered these two skeletons this week.

The Chapel of St. Morrell is thought to be a former pilgrimage site during the 14th Century. Regardless, it remains unclear exactly why this couple was buried at the chapel.

Along with the two lovers, archaeologists discovered nine other bodies from the same time period.

The Chapel of St. Morrell was only found recently. John Morrison, a local historian, pieced together the evidence leading to its rediscovery.

Excavations of the site have found the walls and floor of the former chapel.

It’s unclear exactly why people were buried at the chapel and not at the nearby church.

(Via: The Daily Mail)

Locals speculate that the couple were possibly criminals, foreigners, or diseased when they died, causing for a burial at the chapel. Whatever the case may be, at least they’re spending eternity together. 

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