It Turns Out That History Can Just Be Straight-Up Bizarre. What The…

The world is a big place and history has been happening, well, since the very beginning. Over time, humans got better at documenting what was going on in the world. … it just so happens that history was pretty bizarre, most of the time. 

We’ve all taken some embarrassing photos in our day. Some of them might make you cringe when your mom breaks them out at a party and shows all of your friends. However, we bet none of your embarrassing photos are as strange as these ones from history. 

Seriously, what was going on here?


1.) Remember when we all had pet big cats?

2.) Watch out kids! A flaming car is coming right toward you!

3.) This is fantastic craftsmanship.

4.) In case you didn’t know, the style was to look like a bird.

5.) This was before photoshop, people.

6.) The old one wheel motorcycle.

7.) The first ska band.

8.) That little girl immediately found a new hero.

9.) What a pervy chimp.

10.) Penguins on the loose!

11.) Back when smoking wasn’t unhealthy.

12.) Sweet balloon swimmies.

13.) I don’t know, the guy on the right has a longer reach, but the guy on the left looks like he has more power.

14.) Ancient Mayan costumes?

15.) An Ocean Car!

16.) The old 2 in 1.

17.) Zebra carriage.

18.) Oh boy. Imagine waking up to that.

19.) Yikes, harsh.

20.) Can never be too safe.

21.) Nice top hat.

22.) Wow, black cats really ARE unlucky.

23.) Yikes. Dummies are creepy.

24.) That’s a new Batmobile.


I’m glad the only embarrassing pictures my family has of me are when I wore a Batman cape everywhere. You might think people are weird now, but as it turns out, we’ve always been strange. Really, really strange.

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