This Guy Wanted To Be The First Man To Fly A Hot Air Balloon Underground.

Ivan Trifonov is a world-renowned Austrian daredevil. He currently holds four Guinness World Records, including the one you are about to see.

As a tribute to Jules Verne, author of “Journey To The Center Of the Earth”, Ivan completed this feat. He decided that he wanted to be the first person to fly a hot air balloon underground.

It sounds impossible…but…

Trifonov and his crew begin blowing up the balloon.

The target is Mamet Cave, the mysterious abyss of Velebit Mountain, Croatia.

Up goes Ivan.

Welp, down goes Ivan, but he doesn’t land…

Not yet anyway.


A few minutes later Ivan reaches the bottom of the cave.

To let his crew know he landed safely, Ivan gives a cheerful yodel from the below the Earth.

Up goes Ivan again.

And up…

He’s breached the mouth of the cave.

And he lands. Hooray Ivan!

And here’s the whole video:


Go Ivan! Someone needs to buy this incredible 70 year-old man a beer…he’s amazing!

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