Instead Of Making Your Pet Miserable In A Costume, Do This On Halloween!

We’ve already established that pets hate costumes. Not only that, but costumes make pets very sad and/or enraged. But if you’re absolutely determined to force your pet to celebrate Halloween, there may be a way to do it without the guilt-inducing tragic faces (dogs) and the feelings of murderous rage (cats).

We’re talking about pet paint! It’s a non-toxic, washable color spray that temporarily makes your pet a different color. They don’t have to wear anything, but can still look like they’re in the holiday spirit. We can’t guarantee how still they’ll stay when you try to apply the paint, but here are some pretty cool ideas for the season. 

1.) Turn your dog into a different animal for the evening.

2.) A very different animal.

3.) Give your dog a shirt! Nice and simple, and you can make it your favorite team’s colors, too.

4.) Use a stencil to get clean shapes.

5.) A ladybug!

6.) Turn your dog into a panda, or, with a few extra strokes, a member of KISS.

7.) Go patriotic

8.) Lighter colors look striking on a darker coat.

9.) One-color designs are easiest, seen here on Oscar the Grouch.

10.) Sully from Monsters, Inc. does have the benefit of the addition of horns, but the blue looks great on the white fur.

11.) Spooky skeleton dog.

12.) Also spooky skeleton dog.

If you’re going to try this, make sure to do a patch test on your dog first to make sure the paint doesn’t cause any kind of reaction. Also be sure to keep it away from their eyes, and make sure to wash them off before they jump on the furniture!

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