If You’re Not A Fan Of Facial Hair, You Will Be After You See This.

Not everyone is blessed with the ability to grow a beard. Even those who can probably can’t do what James Myrick does. Assuming they’d even want to, that is.

On his Tumblr page, Myrick shares his creative beard designs with fans and fellow facial hair fiends. A real magician doesn’t reveal his secrets, so don’t expect to see how Myrick makes these interesting beards, but prepare yourself to be impressed–or just super curious as to why anyone would do this to themselves.

Batman Beard

Beard Beard

Spiral Beard

Dollar Sign Beard

Superman Beard

At Symbol Beard

Breaking Bad Beard

(via spiralbeard, H/T designtaxi)

That’s um… quite an interesting look he has. Hey, at least he doesn’t cut his own hair, right?

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