If You’re Afraid Of Learning to Surf, Get Inspired By These Animals.

Many people have items on their bucket list that they haven’t gotten to check off yet. For some it might be skydiving. Others might want to learn another language. There is one activity, though, that’s on almost everyone’s bucket list: learning to surf. If you’re having a difficult time mustering up the courage to get out on the waves, use these surfing animals as motivation to hop on a board.

This duck is afraid of nothing.

A Bunch of baby ducks, put them on a surfboard.

He’s got all 4 of his lucky rabbit’s feet.

This cat has 9 lives, and isn’t afraid to burn one of them.

This goat knows that surf’s up!

That 2nd dog looks horrified.

Totally radical, dude.

Dual boarding.

This llama isn’t even afraid of the guy trying to scare him that’s right behind him.

These two are having a totally tubular time.

Time to dry off.

Okay, this cat definitely doesn’t want to be surfing.

A surfing rat?! How is this not in NYC?

Of surfing mice and men.

This duck doesn’t even need a board to surf.

Now, get out there and hop on that surfboard! It’s time to check that item off your bucket list! After that, you can even learn some Spanish. (Although, I doubt animals will be able to help you with that one.)

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