If The Shoe Fits, These 19 Cats Will Definitely Wear It. If They Fits, They Sits.

People in New York always complain about how small their apartments are and how much they cost. Those people should take some notes from these cats. They seem to have mastered living in tight quarters and for a tiny cost. If only we could all live in cardboard boxes like these cats (and preferably without roommates)…

1.) For Thanksgiving.

2.) I bet he ate all the Snack’ems.

3.) The greatest gutter cleaning you’ll ever have.

4.) Do cats lay eggs? Because this would be purrrrfect.

5.) These living quarters are a little tight.

6.) Chalking up before a lift.

7.) Don’t mind me, I’ll just be in here.

8.) This is cozy.

9.) Someone dared this cat to do this.

10.) There’s no place like home.

11.) Wait a second, that’s not flour.

12.) Just chilling in your shoe.

13.) I’m going to take a nap in your basket.

14.) These basket naps are pretty common.

15.) Special delivery.

16.) Cat for breakfast!


18.) Handle with care.

19.) You caught me.

If we were as nimble as these cats, we could save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars every month on rent. Hopefully we can all be cat-like one day.

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