If Jurassic Park Taught Me One Thing, It’s That Awesome Stuff Is In Amber.

I was convinced of two things after I saw Jurassic Park as a kid: 1) Dinosaurs were real and 2) we could make them with mosquitoes stuck in amber. All we needed was to find them, and BOOM…baby dinos.

Well, 20 years have passed, and I now know it’s not quite possible. But I’ll be darned if I’m not obsessed with seeing little things in amber, sitting at the bottom of the Earth for millions of years.

Seriously, these things are out of this world!

1.) The World’s Oldest (132 Million Years Old) Spider Web

2.) A Prehistoric Spider’s Blood

3.) 100-Million-Year-Old Plant Sex

4.) An Ant With A Parasite Mid Egg Laying In Its Head.

5.) The Intermediate (Missing Link) Pygmy Locust

6.) A Spider Caught In the Act Of Attacking A Wasp

7.) The Oldest Bugs On Record (230 Million Years Old)

8.) Ancient Feathers

9.) A Tick Carrying An Early Version Of Lyme Disease

10.) Early Insect Camouflage…Made From Plants.


(via Listverse)

Hmm…I wonder if it’s too late to investigate replicating dinosaur DNA. All we need is to use that frog DNA to fill in the holes, I think. And then “life will find a way.”

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