These Stealthy Owls Will Trick Your Eyes…And Creep You Out. Whoa.

Even though most people have warmed up to owls since the Harry Potter explosion, they still have a slightly creepy vibe about them. According to several Native American tribes, seeing an owl in real life is a terrible omen. (Eep.) Aztec and Mayan cultures saw owls as a sign of death, and the Cherokee tribe considers seeing an owl in daylight to be a sign that someone in your family will die in the coming week.

After seeing how surprisingly stealthy owls can be, I’m starting to believe it too. This is just spooky.

I stared at this for five whole minutes.


Okay, these are definitely just rocks.

Dang it!

I hope you’re prepared for some next-level stealth…


Just a tree and some rocks?


Duh, they’re right there in the window.


Rocks… rocks…


I think I see something on the right…


You’re really gonna kick yourself for not seeing this one.

Yup. Seems obvious now.

(via Daily Mail.)

Be extra careful from now on. You never know when one of these guys will lurk nearby.

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