I Have No Idea How People Can Possibly Drive On This Highway. Wow.

The Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway (or Atlanterhavsveien) is five miles of highway the likes of which you’ve never seen before. This road connects a series of islands and has more twists, turns, ups, and downs than a Hot Wheels track. It offers incredible views of surrounding mountains and Norwegian Seas, with waves crashing up against lower parts of the highway. This Norwegian Construction of the Century finds tourists driving on the road for the amazing view and to probably hone their already-amazing driving abilities. Take a look at this incredible highway!    

Atlantic Ocean Road.

Or Atlanterhavsveien in Norwegian.


It’s like a roller coaster you can drive on.

I couldn’t imagine driving on this thing during the day, so this is just insane.

To see what it’s like to drive on the Atlantic Ocean Road, check out the video below.

(via strange sounds)

What a road! I bet the kids will take a break from looking at their cell phones to look at that scenery. 

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