I Can’t Tell If This Is Art Or A Delicious Snack. Either Way, I’m In.

Who wants cake?

Now that I have everyone’s attention, let’s talk about these amazing desserts. Creating a cake that’s beautiful and delicious is not an easy thing to accomplish. You could make the ugliest cake in the world and it could taste delicious, but remain an eyesore.

The following cakes are anything but ugly. In fact, they’re so nice to look at, they’re practically works of art. Owls, cheese, pop culture characters…if you can think of it, there’s someone out there who will make it into an amazing cake. Check them out below!

1.) Our scrumptious Planet Earth

2.) Cheese cake…that isn’t cheesecake.

3.) Octopus

4.) Scrat from Ice Age

5.) Possibly the world’s cutest Dumbo cake

6.) Detailed Dragon Cake

7.) Fossil dig

8.) Jupiter

9.) One of the most beautiful owls I’ve ever

10.) Starry Night

11.) Knockout boxing gloves

12.) Christmas tree ornament

13.) Mike Wazowski

14.) A giraffe lover

15.) Shark attack!

16.) Construction Cake (I’ll take the chocolate dirt side, thanks)

17.) A magical Harry Potter dessert

18.) Super Mario Bros. – for all of your gaming cake needs

19.) Polo shirts

20.) A delicious stack of books

(via demilked)

These cakes look amazing and probably taste great, too. Could Leonardo da Vinci have said the same about The Mona Lisa? I didn’t think so.

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