How Did These 23 Terrible Food Fails Even Happen? It Seems Impossible.

Cooking may take talent, but messing up on an epic scale? That might even take more talent. It’s hard to say how these people messed up these simple recipes so badly. It almost seems impossible that they would be able to get these disastrous results. 

The next time you burn your popcorn or make your steak a little too well done, don’t fret. You could be one of these people.

1.) Spa-tacos? Spaghetti-os?

2.) This is not how muffins should look. Ever.

3.) Whoever tried to eat this mystery casserole is masochistic.

4.) “Bread bowl” has a pretty loose definition.

5.) Layer cake: you did it wrong.

6.) If you mess up badly enough to impale something, just give up.

7.) This had to have been a drunken idea. Ew.

8.) This is not the meatloaf train I envisioned.

9.) You just ruined Santa for everyone.

10.) Thomas the Train has seen better days.

11.) “The All American.”

12.) You said you liked your pizza 3rd-degree done, right?

13.) Bieber loaf will haunt your dreams.

14.) I know what they were going for with these bananas, but… no.

15.) Cheesy peas?

16.) Bacon hearts certainly sounded like a good idea.

17.) Mmmm, disgusting.

18.) Corn dog muffins should have been easy. Right?

19.) Pinwheel cookies aren’t for novices.

20.) Ugh, cookie loaf?

21.) Microwave brownies are supposed to be easy and not life-threatening.

22.) It was supposed to be a cute Thanksgiving turkey. Instead? Satan.

23.) If you’re bad enough to burn rice, just stop.

(H/T Madfruit)

Seriously, HOW? Most recipes don’t call for you to stop what you’re doing, douse the food in lighter fluid and then just flick a lit match at it. It would take some pretty unique skills to be this destructive. Share this epic and awful food fails with others on Facebook by clicking on the blue button below.

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