Hate Your Boss? Live Through These Employees That Quit In The Best Way Ever.

How many times a day do you bite your tongue and wish you could tell off your boss for yet another bonehead thing they did? Throw in bad working conditions, low pay, and terrible morale, and you basically have every employee’s nightmare.

When this happens, we usually just muddle through, knowing that we’ll quit later when we have something else lined up. Until then, we just have to stick it out. 

For this ENTIRE work staff of a Dickey’s Barbecue Pit in Ohio, that wasn’t an option. Instead, they all needed to leave. RIGHT NOW!

They quit en masse, only leaving this note attached to the front door as their resignation.

The sign reads, “Attention, the Dickey’s Crew has quit. The store is under-staffed and the owner doesn’t care enough about the store to take care of it. Visit the Lewis Center Store! We love the customers! Love, (Ex) Dickey’s Crew.

(via Reddit)

It’s a sure bet that the place was truly a “pit” to work at, given they didn’t even bother to strike or request that ownership give in to their “demands.” While I won’t miss that BBQ (ignorance is bliss), at least they gave us something to laugh about before existing, stage right!

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