Here Are The Coolest Women In The World That You Probably Don’t Know.

When you think of an awesome person, a typical bada**, you might think about a man by default. While a lot of fantastic people throughout history are men, there are a ton of cool women out there that you’ve never heard of. Ladies seem to fly under the radar when it comes to awesome feats, but their amazing stories must be told. 

Some are truly unbelievable. Way to go, ladies.

1.) When NASA needs you to correct their problems.

2.) When you destroy a whole city for vengeance.

3.) When you defend children.

4.) When you are the lone survivor of a plane crash.

5.) When you fall from the sky and then have a baby.

6.) When you ditch BRAD PITT!

7.) When you perform surgery on yourself.

8.) When you kill a professional killer.

9.) When you become a notorious pirate.

10.) When you stand up for all that is good in society.

11.) When you kill an attacking wolf.

12.) When you can safely land a malfunctioning plane.

13.) If you can survive a bear attack, you are automatically a bada**.

14.) When you fight a leopard for 30 minutes and come out the victor.

15.) When you can out-eat most men.

16.) When you prove a point.

17.) When you are in the freaking ARMY!

18.) When you take down a militia.

You’re a fool if you aren’t convinced these women are totally amazing. I could never fight off a wolf, a bear or terrorists. The only write up you would find about me would be in the obituary section of the newspaper.

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