You’ll Never Believe Who These Fresh, Young Faces Grew Up To Be.

Do you have good yearbook photos? Probably not, we were all plagued by being awkward when we were teens. Thankfully, so were celebrities.

These famous people started out as normal (and awkward) as you or me. They had weird hair, fluffy hair and didn’t know what fashion was just yet. Feel better about all of the bad photos you’ve ever taken by looking at these celebrities. You’ll be laughing SO hard.

1.) Jon Stewart

2.) Nick Offerman

3.) Nicholas Cage

4.) Ludacris

5.) John Mayer

6.) Zach Galifianakis

7.) Will Ferrell

8.) Nicki Minaj

9.) Louis CK

10.) John C. Reilly

11.) Sylvester Stallone

12.) Chris Rock

13.) Bradley Cooper

14.) Megan Fox

15.) Jennifer Lopez

Puberty: it happens to all of us… it’s a blessing and a curse. Luckily, these celebrities grew out of their awkward phase (at least most of them did).

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