Ever Wonder What Happens in Your Kitchen When You’re Not Around? This May.

If you ever wondered what your produce is up to when you’re not around, look no further than Benoit Jammes‘ charming new photo series, Skitchen. The Paris-based artist and photographer created the title by merging the words “skate” and “kitchen,” and it’s an apt name. The series shows everyone’s favorite fruits and vegetables (and an egg) skating around a kitchen, complete with tiny attached wheels. 

Putting the “weeeeeeeeeeee” in kiwi.

His groceries are quite the little daredevils, performing a variety of stunts on countertops, rims of bowls and pots, and even next to an open oven. There’s also a slightly grim, although still humorous, picture of a tomato that wiped out. 

This daring pepper laughs in the face of roasting.

Likewise, this egg faces its greatest fear.

Noodle skating requires balance and skill.

Flair is important when performing a stunt.

This little lemon is pretty tough against getting dizzy.

It’s a stunt and a haircut in one.

A tip of the hat while performing.

New meaning comes to the term “shredding.”


This image series just might make you wonder what your groceries are up to when you’re not looking. These photos are pretty adorable, although we do hope that tomato received some medical attention.

You can check out the rest of Jammes’ work on his site, or follow him on Facebook

(Via My Modern Met|eToday)

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