The Story Of This Little Sloth’s Birth Is Incredible. And Adorable.

Sam Trull, a wildlife coordinator, refers to herself as “Mother of Sloths.” She does not take that title lightly (and you’re about to see why). As coordinator for Kids Saving the Rainforest, she cares for many of the creatures found in the rainforests of Costa Rica. But what she did for a three-toed sloth is remarkable. One day, the poor thing fell from a tree. Sam noticed she was pregnant and rushed to her aid.

Sam discovered that the sloth wasn’t in great shape and wouldn’t recover. The mom-to-be was suffering seizures and having difficulty moving her limbs. When she began having labor contractions, Sam knew the delivery wouldn’t be typical.

X-rays revealed the baby was breached, its feet near the birth canal where its head should be.

Trull brought the mom to a veterinarian facility where she underwent what is possibly the first ever sloth cesarian section.

The procedure lasted about half an hour, both the mother and the newborn in stable conditions immediately following.

What a big adventure for such a small guy!

Trull stayed by their side through the ordeal, saying “What they both went through was pretty huge.”

(via The Tico Times.)

The little family is doing well, though the baby is struggling with some lung problems. I think it’s safe to say Trull will work her hardest to make sure they’re both back to tip top shape as soon as possible. In the mean time, you can check out more adorable sloths on her photography website and Twitter account.

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