Hate Using Public Bathrooms? You Won’t After You See These Masterpieces.

Finding the right bathroom is a peculiar but constant struggle that nobody seems to want to talk about. For me, the perfect public bathroom isn’t just clean, but it is also silent and tranquil. I require a place that allows me to concentrate on the matter at hand. No one wants to feel stressed out in a restroom.

Have you ever been to a bathroom so nice that you felt like you just went on a vacation? Like you could just stay in there forever? The Cintas Corporation wants to encourage that kind of aesthetic in our bathrooms by holding the annual America’s Best Restroom Contest where the organization with the fanciest toilets wins $2,500 in cleaning services and supplies. Check out the finalists below and if you’re a real potty connoisseur, cast a vote for your favorite in this ballot.

(Be sure to do it before October 31 when they’ll announce the winner.)

1.) The Tiki Lounge in Pittsburgh.

Not only is this bathroom exotic, but it’s also very clean.

It’s like going on vacation!

2.) The Fabulous Fox Theatre in St. Louis.

This is just bathroom elegance.

Oh la-la!

3.) The Grove in Los Angeles.

Of course an LA bathroom is going to be fancy… and complete with a clean play area for kids.

The family bathroom features a children’s playroom inside with a chalkboard and TV. Not sure why, but sure!

Can I just live here?

4.) The Bowl Plaza in Lucas, Kansas.

… whoa.

I don’t know what’s better, the outdoor space or the mosaics.

5.) El Centro in Washington DC.

An awesome mix of rustic and modern.

The “metro” tiles are an awesome addition as well.

6.) Longwood Gardens in Philadelphia.

This bathroom is just one oversized greenhouse.

Can you say LUSH?

7.) Plums Cafe in Costa Mesa.

Gorgeous AND clean? That’s perfect.

8.) The American Girl Store in Chicago.

Even if I’d never use this doll holder, I’d love to use this restroom.

9.) The Trail Restroom at the Ann and Roy Butler Hike–and–Bike Trail in Austin.

Wait, there’s a bathroom in there?


10.) Mai Kai in Fort Lauderdale.

Using this bathroom would be like a trip to the orient…

Absolutely beautiful.

You might not appreciate and beautiful and clean bathroom while you’re using it… but as soon as you come across a disgusting one? You’ll know what you’re missing. UGH.

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