This Incredible Oceanside Home is an Absolute Dream…and Just Perfect.

Where is your dream home? Tucked away somewhere on a mountainside? Out in the green pastures of open country? In the middle of a bustling metropolis?

Here’s a dream home that might put anything you had in mind to shame. It’s called Amchit Residence and it’s located in Nahr el Mot, Lebanon. The gorgeous home was designed by Blankpage Architecture. It is complete with all the amenities one expects, along with minimalist style and a breathtaking view of the ocean.

A wide shot of the gorgeous area surrounding Amchit Residence.

The home’s unique design includes a long deck with an infinity pool.

The interior decorating may seem spare, but that’s all a part of the home’s simplistic, minimalist design; it allows the natural beauty of the home’s location to add to its style.

Well, this certainly seems like a nice spot to have some breakfast.

Oh man, this is one of the most amazing views of I’ve ever seen. The way the horizon cuts across every window in the room is absolutely incredible!

Imagine waking up to a view like this every single day. Not too shabby.

I can just imagine the relaxing afternoons and evenings spent on this deck, relaxing with friends and family.

Overall, Amchit Residence is a stunning example of marrying a piece of architecture with a natural environment.


This is a gorgeous house, and I have to say I’m a little jealous of whoever the lucky duck is that lives there. Here’s hoping that we can all find our dream homes someday.

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