Happy Guy Goes Around High Fiving New Yorkers Trying To Hail A Taxi. SO Awesome.

Everyone loves high fives, right? Even if they are a little dorky, they never fail to put a big smile on someone’s face. At least that is what actor and filmmaker Meir Kalmanson believes, and we completely agree!

Kalmanson went around high fiving complete strangers to spread a bit of joy and brighten up the day of random New Yorkers. These strangers innocently were holding their hands in the air while trying to hail a taxi. Most of the reactions were priceless, so watch the video below and prepare to have a huge silly grin on your face the whole time!

(Source: AMK Productions)

There you have it, folks. High fives are indeed awesome. This video contributes the sole evidence needed to make that point… unless you are a guy in a suit. Then you hate high fives and everything to do with them.

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