Give These Old Cartoons Another Look Before You Let Your Kids Watch Them.

We all loved cartoons as kids, sure. But when you finally watch cartoons with adult eyes, you start to notice things you never realized when you were a kid. As a kid, the only comment you’d have would be, “Oh wow! A dancing mouse!” But watch that same 1940’s cartoon now and you might say, “Oh wow racism!”

Here are some cartoons from back in the day that are anywhere from bad…to down right offensive.

The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan.

This was a weird Scooby Doo rip-off that featured Hanna Barbara’s winning formula of kids in a van solving mysteries along with a talking dog. The problem is there were like 10 kids in the clan and it was hard to keep them all straight. Also the score heavily features that piano melody every racist middle schooler plays when his Asian friend walks in the room.

Crappy Netflix Knock-offs.

Ever been browsing Netflix and get stoked to see Kung-Fu Panda but then suddenly realize you’re watching some monstrosity called “Chop Kick Panda”? There’s a bunch of these knock-off movies Netflix for some reason lets on their site including “Tappy Toes” (the penguin), “Ants Life”, and “The Frog Prince”.

The Magic Of Oz.

This cartoon might have been alright if you could actually hear anything anybody says. It’s like they recorded the voice actors from with in a tank filled with wet sand.

The Legend of Zelda.

As a fan of The Legend of Zelda, this one was hard to watch. The classically silent Link character from the game suddenly turned into an annoying, whiny douche-nozzle in the TV show. “Excuse me, princess!” Why, oh why?

The Burford Files.

Oh you like Scooby Doo? Here’s a sad, drunk Scooby Doo in a swamp!

The Story of Menstruation.

In 1946, Disney cheerfully made this animated lecture on the female body. It’s just weird you don’t see any of these characters in the Magic Kingdom parades.

Biker Mice From Mars.

I suppose the producers of this show saw Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and were like, “Why don’t we also just throw some random words together and make a show out of it?”

Mickey’s Mellerdrammer

It’s Mickey Mouse in black face.

This will at the very least get you to watch cartoons with your kids. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to watch some Adventure Time.

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