Get Cool Stuff For Nothing With These Free Offers You Didn’t Know About.

They say the best things in life are free, and they’re right. Love, family, friends: that’s what life is all about. Also, chocolate. Chocolate is important for life.

With these tips, you can nab that for free too! Here are some basic tips for getting free stuff. Getting free swag all of the time might just be easier than you think.

1.) Free Godiva truffle once a month with their rewards club.

2.) You can visit one of the thousands of participating museums on Museum Day Live!, September 27th.

3.) Thousands of public domain books and audiobooks on LibriVox.

4.) Free (though probably fake) celebrity autographs.

5.) Two months of Hulu Plus, Spotify Premium or Zinio through Best Buy Mobile

6.) A medium Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, tea or hot chocolate on your birthday through their perks program.

7.) A free 3D printed bracelet through the Made With Code project.

8.) Free Kotex samples.

9.) Free Dove body wash through their One Shower Challenge.

10.) Free shampoo samples through P&G Everyday.

11.) Free TGIFriday’s appetizer when you sign up for their rewards program.

12.) A whole bunch of magazines from Value Mags.

13.) Free pet safety stickers and magnets from the ASPCA.

14.) Your NAME IN SPACE FOREVER through the Planetary Society’s “Messages to Bennu” project.

(via BuzzFeed and Reddit.)

Seriously, your name in space. Forever. That’s amazing. This is the kind of stuff I would never think to buy myself, but for free? I’m game.

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