Ever Wish You Could Take Cool Stuff Home From a Museum? Well, Now You Can.

The British Museum in London, England, is one of the best museums in the world. You can find countless incredible exhibits on human history and culture. Anyone who’s even stepped foot in the building will tell you that its home to some of the greatest treasures one could ever hope to find. Now, thanks to 3D content publishers Sketchfab, you can take those treasures home with you. Well, 3D replicas of them, that is. Sure beats the dinky little plastic replicas you use to have to settle for.

While only 14 of the exhibits are available to be printed to take home, they’re some of the coolest ones the museum has to offer. Who wouldn’t want a bust of Zeus, “The Father of Gods and men” from Greek mythology, for their fireplace mantle or desk at work (why limit yourself to one)? Take a look at the original bust and then at its digital twin and try not to book that flight to the U.K.  

The British Museum – London, England

Bust of Zeus

Colossal marble bust of Zeus by britishmuseum on Sketchfab

(via Mashable)

Looks like Sketchfab and The British Museum have changed the museum souvenir game for good. The British Museum should just hope they don’t make entire museums available to download and print 3D replicas of.

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