Dog Living Under A Dumpster For Nearly A Year Goes From Sad To Happy In No Time After Being Rescued.

There are so many homeless dogs living all over the country that aren’t getting the love and help they deserve. But luckily for many of these dogs, they eventually get a second chance at happiness due to animal rescue organizations such as Hope For Paws.

One dog who had been living under a dumpster in Los Angeles got that second chance of a happy life when Eldad Hagar from Hope For Paws showed up. Eldad received a call about the scared homeless dog and he jumped at the chance to save him. The dog had been abandoned there 11 months prior, and he would hide whenever anyone came near him. A good Samaritan had been leaving him food and water daily while searching for help, which he eventually found in Hope For Paws.

(Source: Eldad Hagar)

It’s amazing how poor Cowboy went from looking so sad to happy in no time, just from being shown a bit of love.

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