Pit Bull Survives a House Fire and Abandonment…Then Gets a Second Chance.

Hope For Paws received a call about a homeless pit bull in need of help. The dog was abandoned by his family after their home burned down. Weeks went by and they never came back for the poor pit bull, who never strayed far from the scorched house, waiting and hoping they would soon return.

Thankfully for the abandoned dog, Eldad Hagar of Hope For Paws was there to help. After feeding the friendly but starving dog a hamburger, Eldad put a leash around his new friend and brought him back to the shelter. The dog, now named Popeye, patiently awaits for a new family to love him.

(Source: Eldad Hagar)

This beautiful dog has such a sweet temperament and personality. How someone coldly leave a dog like that on the streets? It breaks my heart.

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