Clutter and Stress Got You Down? Take a Look at This Organizational Bliss.

If you’re like a lot of people, clutter makes you nervous and anxious. If clutter doesn’t make you feel this way, I don’t understand you and you frighten me. For normal many people, though, order brings about a sense of calm. Maybe it’s a futile human fallacy to try and fight entropy, but it really, really makes us feel better. We’re visual creatures, after all, and visual harmony makes us feel nice. It makes us feel like we’re part of that harmony. That’s why a lot of people (like me) find themselves cleaning and straightening when we’re stressed. If we can’t organize the mess of the world, we can at least handle the mess of our desks, right? 

And sometimes, even looking at images of calm, serene organization makes us feel better. The aptly-named Tumblr site Things Organized Neatly has thoughtfully (and neatly) curated collections of things, well, organized neatly. They take submissions, too, so if you find yourself with a truly beautiful example of organization, snap a picture and send it in. 

Now, take a deep breath and check out these beautiful images.  

Everyday items look so much more pleasing like this than in a jumble in your bag.

Organization can help you look at all your options

Perfect for setting up crafting projects! Extra points for color coordination

Even everyday objects can look beautiful when arranged properly.

Sometimes organization makes you appreciate everyday things in a whole new way.

Right angles are not necessary for organization. Curves work beautifully as well.

You can organize anywhere, indoors or out

You know you want to touch them.

“Visual Topography of a Generation Gap”

You can organize nature, but it’s usually not necessary. Still looks nice, though.

A big spread isn’t necessary.

This is from the “Rapid Response Collecting” exhibit in London. Read more here.

There’s something especially delightful about organized candy.

Perfect for knowing what all the ingredients are.

Things don’t have to have a common theme in order to look pleasing.

Okay, if you’re doing this, you might be taking the “organization” thing a bit far…

Now if that doesn’t make you want to arrange your belongings in a careful and delicate manner, I don’t know what will. Now if you’ll pardon me, I have some cleaning to do. 

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