Change Your Perspective on Earth with These Incredible Aerial Photographs.

These may look like abstract paintings, but they’re anything but. Take a closer look… 

Do you know what this is?


These stunning images are actually pictures of our planet from a point of view that few ever get to see.

These images were taken with the Landsat 7 satellite, which launched in 1999. The Landsat program is an ongoing project to collect images of the Earth from space. It captures our forests, oceans, deserts, and settlements. The images are used by government agencies, scientists, and schools for a variety of purposes, including agriculture, forestry, and education. They’re also incredibly beautiful. Some of the colors here are the result of a combination of visible and infrared imaging. It’s hard to believe they’re not a created work of art.

These images, like abstract paintings, remind us that Earth is an incredible place. Taking the world out of context can show us that what we think of as ordinary — if we think of it at all — is a truly beautiful place. 

Via ButDoesItFloat

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