A Man Built His Own Island And Lives There With His Model Girlfriend. Too Cool.

Have you ever wanted your own island? (Of course you have.) Unfortunately, there aren’t many private islands to go around, and the ones that are available often sell for millions.

Richard Sawa didn’t let the lack of island vacancies get in the way of his dream to have an island to himself. No, he built his own island. That’s right. Not only is the house Sawa lives in built by the 61-year-old, he also built the land it sits on, too. If that doesn’t sound good enough, it should be noted that Sawa lives on the island of his own creation with his model girlfriend. It’s a wonderful life for Richard Sawa.

Robert Sawa in his three-story house on the island he built from recycled materials.

Robert on his island.

Robert and his partner, Jodi Bowlin.

Media Drum World

The island in all its glory.

Media Drum World

Take a video tour of Sawa’s island.

(via Metro)

It certainly seems like this guy has life figured out. That man-made floating island is hurricane-proof, right?

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