13 Hilarious True Confessions From Moms Who Tell It Like It Is.

Parenting can be rough. Like, really rough. There’s nothing books, friends, and your own parents can say to prepare you for every surprise in store.

The ladies at Pump and Dump Comedy are here to tell you to embrace all life’s little bumps in the road, because they’re often hilarious. At a recent show, comedian Shayna Ferm and her coach MC Doula asked for some audience participation. The women in the crowd were handed cards to write about their most embarrassing mommy moments. The results are hysterical and relatable, and not just to moms. Anyone will be able to get a kick out of these weirdos.

1.) At least he asked first?

2.) I hope he isn’t following his father’s footsteps here.

3.) Her logic isn’t 100% wrong.

4.) Oh, that is so not a pocket.

5.) At least go for regular Budweiser. C’mon!

6.) See, this kid has standards.

7.) To be fair, you’ve seen baby food, right?

8.) Wait, is this your kid or your dog? I’m confused.

9.) This kid seems like a genius to me.

10.) She’ll understand soon enough.

11.) A sweet victory turned sour.

12.) I would never stop brushing my kid’s teeth.

13.) I think I’d just start crying, too.

(via Bored Panda.)

It’s a good thing we love these little monsters so much; otherwise, we would have become extinct ages ago. Check out Pump and Dump Comedy on their website and Facebook for more info on their upcoming shows and videos.

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