If You Visit These 14 Unique Hotels, You’d Never Leave Your Room. They’re That Cool.

Face it, your family is probably tired of going to the same old Holiday Express every year for vacation. The view of that concrete parking lot and lukewarm continental breakfast just isn’t cutting it anymore. It’s time to look forward to your getaway, and these unique hotels are the perfect answer.

These exotic destinations will make your kids forget all about their smart phone and really get the family bonding going. The hotels in this list may seem extreme or expensive, but once you stay at one of these places? You’d never want to leave.

(via Mashable.)

You could spend the whole vacation in your room at any of these places and still have the most exciting time. Click on the Share button below to show these awesome hotels and rooms with others. (Maybe your significant other will get the hint if you share it enough times…)

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