31 Little Known Scientific Facts That’ll Hopefully Blow Your Mind.

Science is awesome, and that’s the truth. We have science to thank for the modern era, and all the cool things that come with it. However sometimes there is just so much science going on out there, that amazing facts and discoveries get overlooked.

So, I present to you a list of 31 little known, but still utterly amazing scientific facts, guaranteed to blow you mind. Or at least make you say “Hmm, interesting,” especially #16.

1.) That’s heavy metal.

2.) Good to know.

3.) Note to self, do not go scuba diving there.

4.) Talk about fuel efficiency.

5.) I’ve always wondered what that was for.

6.) 90 seconds is probably not enough time to save myself.

7.) I think you’d have a lot more to be worried about if you were orbiting a black hole.

8.) No wonder they’re so cranky.

9.) The science of fire.

10.) I feel like this could have ended badly.

11.) Whoa. Amazing.

12.) The mirror is greener on the other side.

13.) That’s deep. (disclaimer: the ridiculous grammar in this one is not ours)

14.) Poor Neptune.

15.) Childhood favorite dinosaur = destroyed.

16.) This is so weird to think about.

17.) Video games are awesome.

18.) I’d like to be able to fly.

19.) That would be really cool if it was true.

20.) Climate change has been happening longer than we all thought.

21.) Go Norway!

22.) Russia Vs. Pluto.

23.) Humans are made of pencils.

24.) That’s one giant galaxy.

25.) It’s amazing to picture this happening.

26.) Preserve the economy at all costs.

27.) I wonder how they actually found this out.

28.) Seriously science fiction.

29.) I’ve literally been a righty for life.

30.) Kinda gross, but necessary knowledge.

31.) I am never wearing blue again during the summer.

(Via: Ebaum’s World)

I know it’s gross, but I think it’s good to know approximately how much weight you lose while farting. The more you know right?

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