12 Must Visit Places For Your Purr-fectly Relaxing Cat-Themed Vacation.

You don’t have to be a crazy cat lady to appreciate the adorable cuddliness of a cute kitten. And tourism boards the world over have taken note.

The popularity of cat cafés has been rising over the past few years. Finally, they have been popping up in America. While you wait for your hometown to create its own ode to all things feline, you might want to look into visiting one of these purr-fect places around the world. 

1.) Cat Town Cafe in Oakland, CA

The first cat cafe to open in America, you have to make a reservation before getting a seat with these cuties.

2.) Tashirojima, Japan, AKA Cat Island

The mostly retired residents of this island off the coast of Japan love the wild cats so much, they’ve banned all dogs from the area.

3.) Ernest Hemingway’s House in Key West, Florida

The legendary writer was gifted a 6-toed cat during his lifetime who he grew quite attached too, and now his old house his home to over 50 6-toed cats.

4.) Kuching, Malaysia, AKA Cat City

The town’s name translates literally to “cat,” so the residents embraced the motif with strange statues and historic artifacts.

5.) Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia

In 1745, Peter the Great’s daughter demanded mousing cats be placed in the historic museum to protect the precious items from rodents. The tradition has carried on ever since.

6.) Kattenstoet, the Festival of the Cats in Ypres, Belgium

The festivities date back to the 1950s and, as you can see, residents get very into it.

7.) Kattenkabinet, AKA Cat Cabinet in the Netherlands

Though you won’t find actual cats in this museum, you will find countless artistic odes to the feline form.

8.) Stray Cat Hostel in Istanbul

This bohemian hotel is perfect for the backpacker who misses their own kitten friends while trekking across Europe.

9.) The Algonquin in New York City, NY

The hotel’s former owner, Frank Case, was renowned for his hospitality and welcomed a stray into the hotel lobby in the late 1930s. They’ve kept the tradition with their newest feline friend, Matilda.

10.) Feline Historical Museum in Cincinatti, Ohio

Founded by the Cat Fancier’s Association in 2010, it’s home to famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright “Cat House.”

11.) Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium in London, England

London’s first cat cafe is home to a dozen cute kitties who inspire regulars to come in for tea and cuddles.

12.) Inthar Heritage House in Myanmar

The house is part of a project which is attempting to reintroduce Burmese cats into the environment after years of absence in its native land.

(via Distractify.)

I think it’s time for my vacation. I’ll take one ticket to each of these places, please.

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