22 Tiny Animals Who Fit Right Into Their Adorable Little Worlds, Awww

Our big world has a lot of amazing little things that often go overlooked. Take a rain droplet on a blade of grass or a tiny frog catching a ride on a lily pad. If we blink twice, we might miss all the amazing, small things that happen right under our noses.

Whether you find them in nature or they’ve wiggled their small selves into your homes and hearts, these little animals have huge amounts of charm to offer, regardless of their actual weight. Here’s proof that size really doesn’t matter when it comes to the adorable animal kingdom.

1. This little guy is getting his dollhouse in tip-top shape for guests.

2. “Hello and welcome to my tiny home!”

3. He might not belong here, but this tiny frog seems to have settled into his new shell home.

4. This snail decided to catch a ride on his slighter speedier buddy.

5. A barrel full of baby faced cuteness.

6. His eyes are definitely bigger than his stomach.

7. “I want the outside!”

8. This little guy thinks you’ve had enough.

9. This fine feathered waddler gets better with age.

10. A sweet little chair for a sweet little kitty.

11. He’s got a warm spot and hearty snack – the perfect combination!

12. I’d say “I do” to this tiny frog prince.

13. Anyone need a little light?

14. There are no words for this amount of cuteness!

15. These cup o’critters will wake you up with cuteness.

16. This tiny guy loves to ham it up for the camera.

17. I don’t think that’s your size, buddy.

18. Looks like a cozy little home to me.

19. I’d take you over tea, any day of the week!

20. I could eat you up!

21. His little couch can’t contain all his giant sleeps.

22. It might be a little early for potty training…

I could probably fit all of these cuties in my apartment with plenty of room for more. (Just don’t tell my landlord.)

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