What Fishermen Found In Australia Will Haunt Everyone’s Dreams

Why does it always seem like the craziest creatures are only found in Australia? Who even goes in the water there anymore? People like David Guillot, I suppose, who make their living on area fishing trawlers. Guillot and his crew pulled in a frilled shark off the coast of Victoria, Australia, and were rightfully horrified. This thing is practically a living fossil, and has ancestors dating back to 80 million years ago.

The frilled shark has an eel-like body and well over 300 teeth. It’s around 5 feet long and, as you see, not much of a looker.

It looks like it’s straight out of a horror movie.

Despite the trawler’s experienced crew, there wasn’t a fishermen on the vessel who witnessed one of these in the flesh. While no one explicitly said it, I have a feeling the crew would be happy to never come into contact with one again.

For more on the frilled shark, check out the video below.

(via Mashable)

What a horrifying find. I mean, it’s definitely cool and probably a great thing for marine scientists everywhere. Still, it’s pretty horrifying.

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