21 Peaceful Protestors Who Used Their Brains To Make Their Case, Not Brawn.

Some people may think protests are pointless. Over the years, though, protests from concerned citizens have led to important changes. Women’s suffrage, equal civil rights, and the foundation of the United States of America were the results of protests.

While some protesters have used violent means, there are those out there who prefer a more peaceful approach to change. And the best peaceful protest is definitely a clever one. It’s far better to force people to think than resort to brutal forcefulness.

1.) This is actually a great idea.

2.) 9-year-old Josef Miles points out the error in Westboro Baptist Church’s logic.

3.) Factory workers lay down their hard hats in the streets of Italy.

4.) Brazilians protest the hypocrisy of hosting the World Cup.

5.) Hong Kong protestors created this road block.

6.) This sign says a lot about the current Australian Prime Minister.

7.) Powerful words on an tent during the Occupy events.

8.) Handsome fellas protest the plans for an Abercrombie & Fitch outlet on London’s historic Savile Row.

9.) This man highlights the ludicracy in a Luchador costume.

10.) Men in India stand up for women after the government commented saying, “Those who dress immodestly are inviting rape.”

11.) Gay couples in Barcelona respond to the Pope’s anti-gay sentiments.

12.) A very British defense against war.

13.) The more things change, the more they stay the same.

14.) Only he-who-shall-not-be-named would do such a thing.

15.) One sign for another.

16.) Residents of Portland protest the transportation of coal, gas, and oil.

17.) Protestors in Bangalore stand up for LGBT rights.

18.) Spanish coal miners hold a night vigil with help from their helmets.

19.) Who can set you free from sins of fashion?

20.) This man makes a good point with help from the popular game, Cards Against Humanity.

21.) And if none of these seem right, there’s always the Canadian option.

(via Distractify.)

If it weren’t for intelligent and brave people like these, none of us would be living the lives we have today.

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