A Sad Farewell For a Partner And Best Friend, DiOGi the German Shepherd.

It was a sad day in Holmdel, New Jersey, when the community had to say goodbye to one of its most loyal and beloved civil servants. K-9 Unit Member DiOGi was a German Shepherd who served with his partner, Officer Joseph Van Pelt. Everyone who knew DiOGi recognized his courage and loyalty. After all, K-9 dogs don’t just become members of the department; they’re also members of the community and friends with officers.

This is the sad but sweet story of a dog who served and won the hearts of his community.

DiOGi, sitting in front of a squad car, ready to fight crime.

K-9 Training. Here’s DiOGi and his partner, Officer Joseph Van Pelt, going through the training that brought them closer together.

After 7 years of service, which included narcotics busts and finding missing people, DiOGi was diagnosed with inoperable cancer. Van Pelt had to make the tough decision to let his good friend go.

A ceremony was held for DiOGi to show the department and the community’s appreciation for his service.

Sixty officers along with the K-9 Unit were in attendance at the farewell ceremony.

The ceremony was a solemn affair, but all were proud of DiOGi for everything he did to help keep Holmdel safe.

Joseph Van Pelt saying his final goodbye to his partner and friend, DiOGi.

DiOGi will be remembered by all for his service, loyalty, and friendship.

(via: dogheirs.com)

It’s clear that DiOGi was a best friend to Joseph Van Pelt, and was always there when he needed him. I think we all hope to find a friend like this someday. 

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