20 Epic Food Hacks You’ve Never Thought Of. These Are Brilliant.

Food is great, but preparing food can be a chore. It can be time consuming, awkward, and tiring. But you don’t want to fall back on the same meal over and over, or have to rely on expensive takeout. So what can you do? You can use some of these ideas! We cover everything from easy meals to simple tricks that help make food prep more manageable. Have a look!  

1.) So refreshing on a hot day.

2.) They just pop right out!

3.) Similar to the strawberry stem removal, this is also good for young children.

4.) Frozen yogurt dots–and no picking shredded paper out of your mouth! (By One Good Thing by Jillee)

5.) Perfect for traveling and school lunches.

6.) So simple, yet so genius.

7.) Do not try this at home.

8.) No more raggedy, uneven cakes!

9.) Who needs a stove?

10.) Fabric and a rubber band

11.) Get to your egg faster!

12.) Tiny, crunchy donuts.

13.) Here’s an easy way to make a fancy-looking edible cup! Use a big balloon for a centerpiece…

14.) …or use little balloons for mini chocolate cups!

15.) You could use anything for filling, really.

16.) Instant (well, sort of instant) taco bowls!

17.) This is the only way you’ll eat baked potatoes from now on.

18.) This means you can sleep in for an extra few minutes, too!

19.) When in doubt, use garlic.

20.) The best way to extend the frosting throughout the entire eating experience.

So what do you think? Do these sound like something that could help? Try some of them out, and put your own unique spin on them!

(Images via FullPunch)

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