15 Times The Struggle Of Life Was Too REAL. These Poor People… LOL.

No one said life was going to be easy, but sometimes…well the struggle is real. For some people, that means not being able to get a new job or move from your bug-infested apartment. For others? Putting on pants is just too big of a struggle. Here are 15 times the struggle was almost too real. (Brace yourselves for #11.)

1.) Who wants to eat with pants on anyway?

2.) Getting creative.

3.) The downside of unlimited variety.

4.) Real world problems.

5.) Economic struggles.

6.) I’m almost convinced.

 7.) I can’t even adjust the heat in my car.


8.) A set of written rules would have prevented this.

9.) iPhone struggles.

10.) Climate change problems.

11.) Roommate problems.

12.) Airport problems.

13.) What happens with the bread companies take over.

14.) Chipotle problems.

 15.) Lazy, or genius?

(Via: Buzzfeed)

Ugh, yes the struggle is certainly real. So many things, so many struggles, so little time….

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