You’ve Been Married For Too Long When Your Conversations Sound Like This.

If you’ve been living with your partner for a long period of time, you (probably) have a good sense of communication with that person…right? Communication skills are extremely important in a relationship (especially during arguments). Unless you and your spouse have a very particular sense of humor, we advise doing and saying the complete opposite of the behavior exhibited here.

Consider yourselves warned. 

1.) This one should probably be taken more personally, though.

2.) I think he takes things too personally.

3.) At least she didn’t say 300?

4.) You could have at least tried for better beer, though.

5.) I like to think this is a recurring event.

6.) This is why you just don’t ask that question.

7.) It’s insensitive to two people for the price of one!

8.) Admittedly, it’s not the most romantic way to broach the subject.

Open communication is a beautiful thing in relationships. Of course, things can sometimes get a little too open. Let’s keep it civil, people!

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