You’ll Want Every One Of These 19 Decor Ideas For Your Own Home

When you think of your ideal home do you think “boring, drab, ugly”? Probably not. Odds are, words that come to mind are “fun, relaxing, comfortable.” When you come home from work every day, you want to be cheered up by your surroundings, not brought down.

In order to make a house a home, you simply have to add those unique touches that make it a fun place to be. Let the photos below inspire you to have more fun with your living space, and make it more of an expression of who you are at the same time.

1. A sand box for your desk

2. A swing set table

3. A backyard cinema

4. A comfy hammock couch

5. A multi-functional staircase

6. A unique cat tunnel

7. An aquarium bed

8. An indoor slide

9. A sunken spiral wine cellar

10. A backyard office pod

11. A gently sloped walk-in pool

12. Rain pipes that play music when it rains

13. A stained glass window

14. An indoor tree house playroom

15. A catwalk that lets your indoor cat walk around outside

16. A mobile ping pong table

17. A hammock over the stairs

18. A dining room table that turns into a pool table

19. Once intended for an elevator shaft, this bathroom calls out its history using glass floors.

(via Bored Panda)

All these ideas are pretty awesome, and they definitely would go a long way in making any home or space more exciting.

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