You’ll Be Amazed By Where You Can Find Fast Food. This Seems Nuts.

We can’t avoid death and taxes. It’s also true that most people die from heart disease (and also diabetes). No matter what dark truths we must accept, there is one amazing thing about human life: food is pretty easy to get. Sure, in some parts of the world its hard, but for many of us?

There are fast food chains on almost every corner.

There is a Subway under the pentagon.

The most secretive of spicy Italian sandwiches.

This Starbucks in the Forbidden City in China.

Flannel hits the Emperor’s front yard.

There was a Subway in the sky for the workers building the new Freedom Tower.

Eat fresh for freedom.

This Pizza Hut has a view of the pyramids.

From here they kinda look like pizzas jetting up from the sands. Truly beautiful.

There is a McDonalds in the middle of the Negev Desert in Isreal.

A true oasis in the middle of desolation.

Dominoes has made plans to put a location on the moon.

Until then you can wrap your pizza in aluminum foil and call it “space pizza”.

There is a McDonald’s at Guantanamo Bay.

The barbed wire seems a bit much.

This waffle place in on top of a mountain and you can ski right up to it.

There is a McDonald’s right outside the Museum of Communism in Prague.

I’ll have a side of irony with that burger please.

There is a Subway underneath Tomorrowland for Disney cast members only.

This McDonald’s is a mansion in up-state New York.

That will be three Mcdoubles please, Jeevs.

Say what you will say fast food, but it’s always around. It’s like a close, reliable friend. It may not be real food, but god do I love putting it in my mouth.

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