You May Be Surprised By What Life In Everyday Rural Russia Actually Looks Like

In Soviet Russia, cow milks YOU!

…but really, have you ever wondered what life in Russia was really like (ignoring memes and stereotypes)? If you have, wonder no more. Redditor EphemeralDemesne was generous enough to share photos of what their daily life is like in a particularly remote part of the country. Everyone will have their own expectations as to what the countryside of this nation would look like, but for me, it was even more quaint and a throwback to the past than I thought it would be. What a trip!

A Day In The Life of Someone Living In Rural Russia

Chopping wood.

Gathering wild mushrooms.

Fetching water from the outdoor well.

Feeding the cats.

Enjoying some tea.

Getting eggs from the hens.

Milking the cows.

Locking the barn.

Baking bread.

Jarring fruits and other foods for future use.

Getting a fire going.

Sewing beautiful pillows and tablecloths.

Baking things in the oven.

Enjoying the homemade bread.

(source Reddit)

It’s amazing to see how different life is for people in different parts of the world. I find it crazy to think that just a few miles away, people could be enjoying today’s technology and have no use for wild mushrooms (if they could even find them, that is).

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