Why Are There So Many People Sitting In This Field? … Oh.

If you know anything about farms, you know that scarecrows are about as useful as a tractor with no gas. They look great out there, but just don’t do the job. Clearly, the crows must have passed around memo detailing that they aren’t real, because they’re not buying it.

So, to combat that problem, and save his previous crops from those pesky Edgar Allen Poe trouble makers, he devised an ingenious way to fool the birds… and create art at the same time.

Nobuou Onishi is a Japanese farmer with an artistic flavor. To scare off his main rivals for this food, he’s created entire gardens of the most life like scarecrows you’ll ever see.

He uses a combination of old clothes and sticks to make the bodies…

… but he’s found that making the scarecrows have real bone structure for the skeletons seem to work best at scaring off the birds.

But don’t worry though, he’s not robbing graves. Onishi uses wood in place of femurs and bolts to hold them in place under the old clothes.

Funny enough, his creations aren’t good at attracting the birds, but they are at attracting throngs of tourists looking to see his work.

He’s become so popular in fact that a museum in Japan heard about his interesting work…

… and had him create a series of scarecrows for an exhibit!

With no end in sight, and a new artist tagline, it’s a good thing he likes his doing his work so much.

(via RocketNews)

If you’d like to know more about Onishi and the Borderless Art Museum NO-MA, be sure to check out their website. It’s a wonder though that more farmers haven’t thought to do something similar. Thank goodness Onishi thought of it first though!

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