When You See What This Farmer Is Growing For Halloween, You’re Going To Want One.

Tony Dighera is a farmer in Ventura County, California, and he loves Halloween. After years of trying and investing almost half a million dollars, Dighera found the perfect way to merge his passion for Halloween and farming. 

I present to you the “Pumpkinstein.” It’s a pumpkin shaped like a classic Frankenstein head, though it’s modified a bit to prevent any lawsuits.

Aside from the shape, Pumpkinsteins are normal pumpkins. They’re just grown in a special mold.

Dighera says he spent years of trial and error, as well as a hefty amount of money, perfecting his method of Pumpkinstein creation.

Here is the 53-year-old Dighera with one of his proud creations.

Nowit looks like Dighera is set to make a nice profit on his crop of 5,500 Pumpkinsteins this year. The wholesale rate for each Pumpkinstein is around $75-a-head, and they retail for about $100.

Of course pumpkins aren’t the only thing that Dighera’s farm grows. They also grows differently shaped watermelons.

Looks delicious.

Via: The Mirror

This is so cool! For $100 a pumpkin, this almost seems worth it if you’re a Frankenstein fan. Though my favorite classic monster is the Wolfman. Maybe we can put in a request for Wolfman pumpkins next year?

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