When You Mix Dogs And Stairs, You Get Something Insanely Adorable. Every Time.

Life is just full of challenges. It’s a cold hard fact that many of us learn all too well at an early age while we attempt to learn our way around this crazy world.

And for puppies, nothing is more daunting than the discovery of stairs. Potty training is a breeze compared to the difficulty they face from each step staring them in their adorable faces. But they have to learn and y’know what? They’re so darn cute while they do.

1.) Easy does it… One at a time…

2.) Take breaks to celebrate your small victories.

3.) Be an example to others who might want to follow in your footsteps.

4.) Don’t be embarrassed if it takes longer than you thought it would.

5.) Take however long you need, little guy.

6.) See, that wasn’t so bad!

7.) They’re called baby steps for a reason.

8.) There are also more creative methods available.

9.) Or you can employ some help from a friend.

10.) Or make it a fun race to see who wins.

11.) Make sure you have someone to watch over you in case things go wrong.

12.) Even one step can seem like a mountain.

13.) But you’ll be a pro in no time, pup.

(H/T: The Dodo.)

They’re so cute it almost makes you forget about the bite marks on your favorite pair of shoes.

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