When This Cop Pulled A Woman Over, He Never Expected To Save Her Life. WOW.

When you’re pulled over on the road by a police officer, thanking them is the absolute last thing you think of doing. Not for this New York woman, who feels grateful after an officer helped her on the side of a highway.

This dash cam footage shows police officer Gregory Zakoscielny of NYPD Highway 1 saving a choking woman’s life. Officer Zakoscielny conducted speed enforcement on the Bronx River Parkway when he observed a 2014 Ford Taurus stopped in the right lane. He pulled behind the car, exited his police vehicle, and immediately noticed the driver holding her throat and not breathing properly. Officer Zakoscielny had the 49-year-old woman step out of her vehicle, when he then performed the Heimlich maneuver, dislodging a throat lozenge that blocked her airway.

(Source: NYPD Connect)

This should remind us to always pay attention while driving. Eating, texting, or even little things like talking can be more dangerous than you realize. Eyes on the road, people!

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